Trading Shares

The stock market can be chaotic and unpredictable, making it challenging for investors to succeed. (Thankfully,) Our service uses incredible machine intelligence to analyze the markets, making the right decisions based on trillions of data points. This advantage is given to each of our clients, ensuring the most effective decisions..

There are different ways to trade shares, and many people use a broker for this purpose. However, buying shares directly comes with additional rules to follow, like short sale and day trading regulations, which can be complicated

At Magna Strategy, we offer a wide range of stock CFDs with the highest volatility on the market. You'll find US Blue Chips and popular European stocks waiting for you. (Start trading them now to seize the opportunities!)

Category Commission(per trade) Minimum Charge Leverage Margins From
US Share CFDs USD$0.02 per share 0 20:1 5%
UK Share CFDs 0.10% £10 20:1 5%
German Share CFDs 0.10% €10 20:1 5%
AU Share CFDs 0.07% AUD$5 20:1 5%

Our Benefits

Some of our great benefits include:

  • Room trading strategies.

  • Regulated market.

  • Live channel tutorials.

  • Monthly market reports.

  • Trading tools.

  • Safe and secure trading.

  • Awareness to risk.

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